Say it with style in CLI

So I glued some awesome software together into a shell one-liner and now I can make my announcements with a rainbow tortoise on the CLI :)

A pointless story trying to give more context than there really is

My home is on the frontier of the CLI-Land. It’s a tough but honest life - without any limitations, but also without some conveniences. I also work from my home, but sometimes you gotta make trips to the crowded and loud GUI-Town for some basic supplies. Like your vital YouTube fix.

Image taken from this article about The VVitch:

The code

The ZSH function (should be compatible with Bash) looks like this:

function say()
    # I know, it's a tortoise, ugh :) Upstream problems
    cowsay -f turtle "$@" | lolcat --freq 0.2 --seed 900 --speed 300 --animate

and can be found in my configs’ and scripts’ repo.


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