Directory of Bultrowiczes

Is your last name Bultrowicz? Do you have your own website or a page on some site? Do you do anything interesting and want to share?

Contact me, and I’ll create a redirect from https://<YOUR_NAME> to the page you want. Maybe later I’ll create a directory with the pages that people have sent me and put it somewhere on my site (like

Why do I want to do this? I dunno, but it seems that Googling “Bultrowicz” gives you a couple of people with some web presence. And maybe they’d (or “you’d”, if another Bultrowicz is reading this right now) want to be able to give people an address like https://tadek.bultrowicz in their contact details.

To the Bultrowiczes (it’s “Bultrowicze” in Polish, …or maybe “Bultrowiczowie”? :D) that apply

I will have access to some metadata about your site’s visitors. Just be aware of that. I will see the requests that go through all addresses. After the redirect to your page is done, I won’t have access to any requests after that. The metadata I’ll have access to (because that’s how HTTP redirects work) are the IP addresses.

It’ll be fun to see if anybody responds to this, and how much traffic I can generate with that for my server :) And maybe later, it’d be interesting to see the geographical distribution of the requesting IP addresses ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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