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Make and entr for code validation during editing

For a while now, I’ve been wondering how to combine entr (which automatically runs commands on file changes) with the way I setup project validation (both for CI/CD and for local developer usage) with Makefiles. The best thing I got so far is the validate_continously target in my Makefile.

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Continuous delivery of a Python library with AngularJS commit convention

I got tired of having to manually build and upload my library (Mountepy) to PyPI, so I decided to do what any sane programmer would do - set up automation [1]. But how would my scripts know whether they need to just update the README on PyPI and when to assemble and push a new version of the library? Thanks to the AngularJS commit convention! Oh, and Snap CI will run the whole thing. Why Snap, you ask? See my previous article - Choosing a CI service for your open-source project.

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Choosing a CI service for your open-source project

I host my code on GitHub, as probably many or you do [1]. The easiest way to have it automatically tested in a clean environment (what everyone should do) is, of course, to use one of the hosted CI services integrated with GitHub.

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